I am a product designer and strategist who knows enough about coding to be dangerous, particularly when it comes to advocating for accessibility and universal design. Over the course of my career I have developed a strong ability for aligning teams and educating organizations on the value of UX.

My Work

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What I Bring

In short, I bring a world of experience. I have been at this long enough that, from day one, my career has been one of advocating for the existence and value of UX inside an organization.

Design is one of those areas where people don’t really understand how it works but tend to think that if they like something and it works for them, it must work for everyone. The higher up in the organization you go and the more difficult that notion can be to dispel.

As the sole practitioner at many startups, I built a set of skills that have allowed me to illustrate the worth of UX and design thinking garnering a seat at the product table with V and C level leaders in order to represent the user.

I am also a strong advocate for inclusivity/a11y, not just for flows and basic usability but the challenging and unexpected areas such as data visualization, as well. In that vein I have helped a number of companies reach 508 compliance.

It's Been Said

Headshot of Ian Swinson

Thomas is one of those mythical designers. You've heard of them but rarely meet them in real life. He's an IxD, a coder, a visual designer, a mentor AND all around nice guy with a bona fide sense of humor.

Headshot of Maggie Law

Thomas is a rare find in our field. He possess such an unusually broad set of skills and deep understanding of the craft that it's impossible to imagine anything beyond his reach.

Medium shot of Brad Haynes

It speaks volumes that Thomas garnered respect from not only the UX, but also from the Engineering teams. His chops allowed him to jump into any part of the product development cycle and fill gaps with diligence, patience and an eye for detail. Any team would benefit from having Thomas on board.

About Me

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While my career has primarily focused on usability and interaction design, I have also found myself assisting in and performing a number of other duties. Particularly in the startup environment. I have coded, worked on product strategy, presented at conferences and to board members.

I am passionate about design, the psychology that underpins human/computer interaction, as well as the steps and processes needed to quantify results.

Inclusivity and universal design are also very important to me and I have mentored many designers and developers on how to make accessibility the starting point for features rather than an afterthought or worse, tech debt or simply about the color contrast.

All of this has served to shape me into a product leader who can unite design and development behind a strong and clear product vision.